The MSL Difference

We appreciate that you have a variety of options for surveying your students. MSL delivers rich, meaningful data with minimum effort on your part. It is distinguished from other studies by the:

High–Quality Research Instrument

  • MSL is one of the few theoretically grounded surveys of college students
  • It is structured around the Social Change Model of Leadership, the “most widely used” paradigm of college student leadership development
  • The questionnaire design and methodology are evidence–based and rigorous
  • MSL produces psychometrically sound and defensible data

MSL and NSSE Differentiation

  • Focuses on specific outcomes related to socially responsible leadership (e.g., leadership capacity, leadership efficacy, complex cognitive thinking, self-awareness, civic engagement, racial identity development, social perspective-taking)
  • Focuses on broad educational outcomes and investment in time on educationally meaningful activities
  • Studies the broad campus environment but focuses on experiences outside the classroom
  • Studies the broad campus environment but focuses on academic and classroom-based experiences

Focus on Outcomes

  • MSL is rooted in Astin’s widely used input–environment–outcome model
  • It offers a detailed analysis of the issues surrounding outcomes—instead of simply generating descriptive information
  • It distinguishes the relative contribution of inputs and environments, revealing the extent of your role in fostering leadership outcomes

Completely Web–based Format

  • This approach minimizes the administrative burden of fielding MSL
  • It conforms with best–practice guidelines for surveying students
  • MSL’s format allows students to respond at any time or place that is convenient to them—or to leave the survey at any point and resume it from their last completed answer

Other Factors

  • MSL offers excellent value, providing the opportunity for multi–year participation
  • It collects broad, substantive information about student involvement in their college environment, providing data beyond the scope of leadership development
  • The optional custom questions allows MSL to precisely address your unique needs