School Support

The MSL team offers a range of support services to assist you across all phases of the study:

Before Data Collection

Kick–off Meeting

This 60–minute conference call with your designated School Coordinator is your orientation to MSL and a forum for your questions about the study. After your school enrolls, you will receive a meeting agenda and a link to the School Guide.

School Coordinator

SSG will appoint a dedicated School Coordinator to assist you in preparing for data collection. These individuals liaise with three principal investigators, two research teams, and the resources of SSG—so they are equipped to answer any questions you might have.

School Coordinators welcome you to MSL with the Kick–off Meeting and offer continued support by supplying you with:

    • Answers to your questions
    • Information about MSL protocol
    • Updates as new information emerges

Assistance in making informed choices

  • Reminders about deadlines for project task submission
  • Suggestions to enhance the value of participation

School Coordinators are dedicated to understanding your needs. They will work closely with you to customize MSL for your campus.

MSL School Guide and MSL EXCHANGE

After you enroll, you will have full access to the MSL School Guide. This comprehensive resource will walk you through all phases of the study. It features a collection of resources—such as progress reports, data, questionnaires, and templates—to streamline the work of participation. MSL EXCHANGE is the document–exchange portion of the site. It facilitates the instant, secure, paperless transmission of important documents.

During Data Collection

Respondent Support

SSG personnel provide comprehensive support to MSL participants. This service spares you the burden of addressing technical concerns and user issues.

Survey Reporting

SSG manages a portal site to that provides daily updates on response and completion rates while MSL is fielding. By monitoring this information, you may address a low response rate before the data–collection period ends. You may respond proactively to low response rates, ensuring that potential issues are recognized and resolved before they jeopardize data quality.

After Data Collection

MSL Final Report

Each school receives a comprehensive, custom-tailored final report detailing results for their campus.  Your report is designed to help benchmark your students’ learning outcomes against national norms as well as up to four unique peer reference groups (e.g., Carnegie types, selectivity, size).  This is accompanied by your raw institutional data and national statistics as well as an executive summary highlighting unique institutional findings.


This pre-recorded webinar will familiarize you with the data-reporting format. You will learn how to read your report and begin the process of interpreting your results. This webinar will prepare you to make the most of your debriefing call with your MSL Research Team Liaison.

Debriefing Call

After receiving your Final Report, a liaison from the MSL Research team will contact you to schedule a debriefing call.  Your liaison will provide you access to a webinar to help you t read and understand the report.  They will also provide you with a set of questions to complete before your call to help guide the conversation.  Through this process, we hope to provide you with the skills necessary to interpret your data.