Benchmarking & Coalitions

Internal Benchmarking

MSL provides additional sample to compare against the benchmark set by your school. The MSL Standard Package includes a comparative sample of 1,000 students.

You may also benchmark longitudinally. By participating in multiple MSLs, you can watch trends emerge over time. Or quantify the effectiveness of leadership interventions. MSL offers several scholarships that make participating in multiple data collections more feasible.

External Benchmarking

MSL provides a context for your findings. It compares your institution against others while using the same instrument. Your custom report benchmarks your school against other MSL institutions in the same Carnegie classification.

MSL offers additional services for comparing your school against other institutions. Contact us for more information.


Five or more MSL schools may collaborate and share data. These coalitions generally have a similar institutional characteristics or research interests. Possible coalitions include:

  • Canadian schools
  • Catholic schools
  • Community colleges
  • STEM schools
  • Schools interested in leadership and academic performance
  • Schools interested in leadership and health behaviors

To explore these research interests, coalitions may draft questions. Each institution in the group asks up 20 coalition questions—which are identical—and 20 school-specific questions.

MSL offers additional services to make participating in a coalition more rewarding. A coalition report or custom analyses can be arranged for an additional fee.