A structural sampling protocol is used to increase the likelihood of obtaining the necessary return rate for institutional data to be generalizable to the campus population.

Main Sample

Participating institutions are asked to draw a sample of students from their undergraduate population (this should include full- and part-time students).  The sample size for the MSL Standard Package is 4,000 students.  If your institution has fewer than 4,000 students, MSL will survey all matriculated undergraduates.

MSL invites students to participate via e-mail, so you must provide e-mail addresses for each student in the sample.  We are aware that your institution may have unique policies about sharing student information and will assist you in satisfying all IRB requirements to ensure confidentiality of data.

Comparative Sample

You may also select an additional sample in order to compare a sub-population against the benchmark set by your normative data.  This comparative sample is optional.  Individuals in the comparative sample may include any population of your choice, such as:

  • students in a leadership course
  • student organization members
  • peer educators
  • students in a particular academic major/minor

The MSL Standard Package includes a comparative sample of 1,000 students.