Data Security

Survey Sciences Group, LLC (SSG) fully commits to confidentiality and security of survey data. We approach security in two ways:

  1. Protocols for maintaining confidentiality of survey participants and their data
  2. Technical systems that prevent unwanted access of data from outsiders


Protecting the confidentiality of study participants is the most important concern of the SSG staff working with the data. All individuals employed at SSG are bound by confidentiality as condition of their employment. They have signed a pledge of confidentiality and have been trained in procedures for maintaining confidentiality and privacy.

Data are stored on SSG internal servers that are password protected. The survey data captured in the web-based interface do not have any personal identifiers (individual or company name, email address, other contact information) in the data files. Personal identifiers are kept in a separate sample file in a secure space on our local file server accessible only by staff who requires this information as part of their work. We never rent, sell, or give your personal information to any third party for the purpose of directly marketing any products or services to you. Any information you provide in the survey is used strictly for research purposes.

Data Security

We establish both logistical and physical barriers to protect respondent data to ensure its secure transmission and storage. Data are received and transmitted via password-protected, 128-bit SSL technology. Survey data submitted are encrypted before transmission via the SSG web site from participants’ PCs/laptops to a secured server at SSG. Data are archived in secure servers, accessible through password-protected networks by appropriate personnel. We use both stand-alone networks and firewalls to safeguard data against outside networks attacks. The security of the information on our system has never been compromised.

Many websites use “cookies” to store information about a user in order to expedite the completion of forms on future visits to that site. SSG does not use cookies on our website. The only information we collect from you on our website or any web-based survey is the information you provide.

SSG monitors industry alerts and trends to ensure that we abide by the latest laws and regulations in protecting respondent data. We rigorously uphold — and often surpass — industry standards for research ethics, privacy, and confidentiality.

If you have questions about data confidentiality and security, please contact us at:

Toll-free: 800.774.0142

and request to speak with our Privacy, Confidentiality and Ethics Officer.